Tildecube - Voxel sandbox game

Tildecube is a 3D sandbox voxel game inspired by Minetest. I am writing it from scratch using Java and LWJGL. The goal is to make a engine-ish game (as in, some base to create more stuff) in which the user can make use of scripting to add whatever they want in the game. While this is also a project for me to learn OpenGL, Java, gamedev and how voxel games works, I also kind of always wanted to make a toy voxel game in which I can mess with, kind of like Minetest.

The initial goal of this voxel game was to recreate Minecraft Classic AKA Minecraft 0.30. But it turns out, after implementing multiplayer support, that it is kind of boring and found out that there is quite some potential to acquire from Groovy scripting, as it can access to every components of the game.

NOTE: while Tildecube has reached a playable state and can be quite fun to play around with, I still consider it in an alpha state. I don't know if it will reach beyond the alpha state, but stay tuned as I may (or may not) add new features to the game.

What now? (16.08.2023 update)

It's been a while I haven't been working on Tildecube as I moved on to new projects. However I have recently been thinking about it and what I could do to improve it. The good thing about taking a long break from a project is that you may eventually come back with better ideas than when you left it off.

I'd like to expand scripting to a way one can create their own blocks and entities. I also want to, instead of making blocky entities like in Minecraft, I thought it would be cool to instead make retro-style sprite entities, with animations and directions. The goal of this would be to have a "real" sandbox game, as in, it is a game that is kind of between the game and the game engine. The goal is to let people create content in the game. I'd also like to keep things "hot-loadable".


Features that may be added

Keyboard mapping

I haven't made a keyboard mapping system yet. So for now you will have to stick with those keys:

Tildecube source code

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Tildecube by matthilde. Find the source code here.