I changed the layout again

This is quite a tragic event I agree, but you can't do anything about it unfortunately because this is my site. OK more seriously, I got tired of the old layout and also the static site generator I made. I looked through site generators and none of them really appealed to me, so I decided to go full HTML like a weirdo because I can't get decided on how to manage my personal website.

I decided I would make a simple site with no complex structure whatsoever, with a very simple HTML to easily copypaste each time I make a new page and that's it. No more Markdown, just plain HTML that I sync right into my web server.

The lack of formal structuration in the site will also give me a bit more freedom for my weird mind that waddle around and never focus on one proper thing. So yeah! Welcome to my new site layout!

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there used to have a blog here. source of the old website lies here.